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The trick to Cure An Enlarged Prostate Naturally | Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) Blocking Blood Flow

Updated: May 20, 2020

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Prostate Enlargement

When the prostate grows, it blocks the flow of urine giving pressure to the urethra, preventing the fluid from leaving, bleeding urine, incomplete bladder empty, and causing back and pelvic pain. Enlargement of the prostate can also cause sterility and erectile dysfunction, as it blocks the flow of blood and makes it impossible for semen to exit. The risk of prostate enlargement increases with age.


According to research published in March this year by the Harvard Medical School, the causes of prostate enlargement are not known, although it believes that a hormone called dihydrotestosterone is due since it acts directly on the prostate.


The enlargement of the prostate can affect the men's lives in general, physical, emotional, social, work, and family.

When this type of problem happens, the man feels miserable, since he physically feels sick, and he is sick. The constant pain and discomfort when urinating are physical symptoms that cannot be ignored.

It can affect you at work by the number of times you should go to the bathroom since you cannot discharge the bladder well. Not only that, depending on the type of work you have, but you can also even go through bad times and even feel embarrassed if an accident happens.

The problems mentioned above can also make the person with large prostate problems not want to leave their home and expose themselves to the public. You could even isolate yourself from the members of your family since your mood is anxious and depressed by your situation.

Treatment and prevention

For the cure and prevention of prostate enlargement, there are natural supplements that can help. Who writes and knows several cases of men who have used the same product and say it works.

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